Cookie_ policy

A “cookie” is a string of information, usually small and identified with a name, that may be transmitted to your browser by a website you connect to. Your web browser will store it for a certain period of time and send it back to the web server each time you log onto it again.

Our website also contains tags (web beacons): these are images embedded on the website but invisible to you, allowing us to collect anonymous data about how you use our website. It also helps us to identify the types of browsers and search criteria that bring visitors to our website in order to improve our services.

This cookies policy enables you to find out more about the origin and use of the navigation information collected and processed while you browse our website and about your options regarding these cookies’ settings.

You can oppose to the deposit of certain cookies at any time via the cookies’ setting window.

1. Strictly necessary cookies placed by PulluP Entertainment

The table below explains which types of cookies we use and why:

Category of cookie Purpose(s) Duration
Operational cookies To manage the display and ensure the availability of services and proper functioning of our website so as to provide you with services requested during your visit. Session cookies
Security cookies To ensure an adequate level of security for our website and our services during your visit and detect fraud attempts or protect you from abuse. Session cookies
Cookie_ retaining your choices To enable us to demonstrate at any time that we respect your choices regarding the deposit of cookies. 6 months

Cookie_ are not maintained for more than 6 months, and information obtained through these cookies is not stored for more than 25 months from its collection.

2. Third-party cookie exempt from consent

PulluP Entertainment uses a third-party audience measurement solution, named BEYABLE, which consists of a tag placed on our website:

Category of cookie Purpose(s) Duration
Cookie_for audience measurement To measure the audience of our website (performance measurement, analysis of content consulted) exclusively on our behalf, and to produce only anonymous statistical data. 12 days

This cookie expires after 12 days, and aggregate information obtained through this cookie is not stored for more than 25 months from its collection.

This cookie is exempt from consent under French law since it is set up by default to produce anonymous data which is not reused by third parties (Beyable included) and does not allow global tracking of your navigation through multiple websites.

You can oppose to the use of this cookie at any time by following Beyable’s opt-out procedure available on their website or by switching it off in the

You can exercise your rights of access to and rectification or erasure of your personal data and to restrict or object to its processing, as well as the right to data portability, by making a written request to one of the following addresses: BEYABLE, 241, boulevard Voltaire, 75011 Paris – France ; or

This website uses cookies.

Do you like cookies? So do we! Some cookies are necessary for the functioning and security of our website. Other cookies allow us to analyse our traffic (audience measurement) via anonymized data. These cookies are not subject to prior consent and may be set on the basis of our legitimate interest. You can oppose to the use of this audience measurement cookie at any time by clicking on the « Find out more » tab or by referring to our Cookies Policy.