Preamble and CSR report

Our CSR report is updated and published every year. It sets the foundations of our commitments to reduce our carbon footprint, persevere in our role as a committed employer, and to constantly evolve as a responsible partner.

2023 CSR report

Ecology and reduction of GHG

The environmental cause has become a central issue in the preservation of our planet and our future. The impact of the video game industry on the environment cannot be ignored, and we factor it into our business and strategy.

In 2020, our carbon footprint was 2,774 teqCO2. We are putting a focus on this cause and implementing actions to reduce our environmental impact.

Player satisfaction and experience

Focus has always stood out by offering unique, creative, innovative games, with particular attention to quality. Our teams are driven by a passion and desire to provide unforgettable experiences - for everyone to enjoy.

This quality must be reflected in the services and also in the environment that we offer: an ecosystem in which players share and have fun with values of respect and benevolence.

Working conditions of our employees

The working conditions and well-being of our employees have always been priorities for Focus. Our work environment allows everyone to fully express their professional, personal and creative capacities, and to evolve in a common motivating project.

We are convinced that strength comes from diversity and we want individuals of all genders, nationalities and cultures to flourish in our company.

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