Why PulluP Entertainment

Our goal is to offer players worldwide unique experiences. Our editorial policy stands out through innovative ideas which transcend the boundaries of video games. With 20 years of expertise and success we bring talented people and video game creators together, offering high-quality services and publishing expertise. We support innovative projects, without compromise on quality, investing in projects ranging from the development of a title to total integration of a studio. Our partners join a creator of successful franchises, such as Space Marine 2, A Plague Tale, Evil West, The Surge, SnowRunner, and Aliens: Fireteam, bringing them global standing.

Who we are

With over 600 employees based mainly in Europe, the PULLUP ENTERTAINMENT group has a growing catalog of franchises owned or controlled via :

  1. Four publishing structures :
    • FOCUS ENTERTAINMENT PUBLISHING, one of the world's leading video game publishers, renowned for its premium production services, marketing, and communications support tailored to each project and audience. The company publishes international hits such as A Plague Tale, SnowRunner and the eagerly awaited Space Marine 2.
    • DOTEMU, leading publisher and developer in the thriving independent games scene, specializing in the production of cult licensed games with international appeal. Dotemu is the producer and publisher of such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge and Street of Rage 4, which have sold millions of copies worldwide.
    • DECK13 INTERACTIVE, one of Germany's leading developers based in Frankfurt develops award-winning, large-scale productions for consoles and PC. With Deck13 Spotlight the team has also established a publishing service that helps independent developers bring their projects to wider audiences.
    • THE ARCADE CREW, producer and publisher of awesome indie and innovative games from creative teams around the world. The Crew’s iconic projects include Blazing Chrome and Vengeful Guardian Moonrider from JoyMasher, Infernax from Berzerk Studios, The Last Spell from Ishtar Games and Young Souls from 1P2P.
  2. Eight game development and audiovisual production studios :
    • DOVETAIL GAMES, a UK-based studio and world leader in rail simulation games.
    • DECK13 INTERACTIVE, voted Best Video Game Development Studio in Germany in 2023 and creator of the successful The Surge franchise.
    • BLACKMILL GAMES, the Netherlands-based studio behind the World War One series franchise of multiplayer shooters such as Verdun, Tannenberg and Isonzo.
    • LEIKIR STUDIO, based in France, developer of a highly anticipated game based on the iconic Metal Slug license.
    • STREUM ON STUDIO, a French studio specializing and renowned in the development of first-person shooters, currently working on an original creation.
    • DOUZE DIXIÈMES, a French studio composed of passionate creators from the animated film and video game industries. Their latest entry being Shady Part of Me, acclaimed by critics and gamers alike.
    • CARPOOL STUDIO, a French studio created by recognized industry veterans developing a highly ambitious game-as-a-service project based on new intellectual property.
    • SCRIPTEAM, an audiovisual production company whose main purpose is to adapt the PULLUP ENTERTAINMENT group's video game licenses into series or feature films.

Our mission

At PULLUP ENTERTAINMENT we aim to enrich the imaginations of our gamers by creating unique and memorable experiences, focusing foremost on quality and enabling innovative creative ideas to be expressed to the fullest.

By constantly enhancing its services, the Group's mission is to develop and maximize synergies between the various major players in the international video game scene. It deploys a unique pulling force that fosters innovation and the creation of value over the medium and long term.

Steadfast on quality and attentive to our community of gamers, the companies within the PULLUP ENTERTAINMENT group stand out for their know-how and the shared passion that drives them to make unforgettable experiences.

Our values

Because the distribution of our creations and content knows no borders, our teams and our community of players represent a rich variety of geographical specificities, cultures and lifestyles.

At PULLUP ENTERTAINMENT, we are committed to creating an environment that is inclusive, diverse and open to different cultures, where every employee is encouraged to express themselves freely and contribute actively to the development of our corporate strategy. Our aim is to build a successful, exciting and exemplary business model.

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