Country : France

Founded in : 2023

Type : audiovisual

SCRIPTEAM is a bold, innovative audiovisual division, with strategic stakes in two leading production studios: Make it Happen Studio and Marvelous Productions, recognized for their expertise in consumer entertainment and international distribution. As part of this approach, the PULLUP ENTERTAINMENT group aims to enhance and adapt the unique intellectual properties it owns by transforming them into captivating television series or feature films. In addition, exploring the development of video games based on the worlds produced by SCRIPTEAM is at the heart of our ambitions. Beyond these collaborations, SCRIPTEAM is committed to creating original projects specifically designed for the video game and audiovisual worlds. By offering new and innovative services to the development studios co-owned by PULLUP ENTERTAINMENT, SCRIPTEAM is positioning itself as the premier platform for audiovisual production within the group. Importantly, Marvelous Productions and Make It Happen Studio will also continue their independent production activities, enriching our diverse content portfolio. At the heart of this strategy lies our commitment to placing creativity and original content at the center of all our synergies.

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