Focus Entertainment

Country : France

Founded in : 1995

Type : publisher

FOCUS ENTERTAINMENT PUBLISHING is one of the world's leading video game publishers. At FOCUS ENTERTAINMENT, we offer unique experiences to gamers around the world. Our editorial line stands out thanks to innovative concepts that transcend the boundaries of video games. Backed by 25 years of expertise, we bring together talented game creators and offer them top-of-the-range services delivered by publishing experts. We support innovative projects without compromising on quality, with investments ranging from participation in the financing of a title to the partial integration of a studio. As the creator and promoter of successful franchises A Plague Tale, Vampyr, Evil West, Aliens: Dark Descent, SnowRunner and Farming Simulator, we offer global reach to all the titles in our catalog, as well as to our developer and rights-holder partners. Focus Entertainment Publishing is part of the PULLUP ENTERTAINMENT group.

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